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The Games are made up of four levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools, at county/area level and a national event for the most talented school age athletes.By providing competition in different formats it makes competition more attractive and accessible for young people, and ensures they can all take part in competitive sport irrespective of their experience, talent or ability.

Simption Tech Pvt.Ltd.

A school library (or a school library media center) is a library within a school where students, staff, and often, parents of a public or private school have access to a variety of resources. The goal of the school library media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access "to books and reading, to information, and to information technology.

Simption Tech Pvt.Ltd.

Big & Grand school Campus situated in the heart of the city. The campus has huge open spaces to conduct various activities of school.

Simption Tech Pvt.Ltd.
Quality Education(Experience faculty)

Shaurya will be the most sought after learning center in Narwar. We are dedicated to make career of each & every individual by making them expertise in whatever field they are.

Simption Tech Pvt.Ltd.
Computer Lab

Biggest lab in Narwar with internet facility.Well equipped and latest computer labs. All computers are connected with Local Area Network and with Internet facility. All computers are installed with major software related with educational needs.