Rules & Regulation

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A calendar of events enlisting holidays is supplied by the school at the beginning of year. However any information, in particular to be conveyed to the parents shall be carried by the students in their Dairy (I std onwards).


Notice of withdrawal must be given at least a month and a half before the beginning of the session, failing which the parent, guardian wishing to withdraw the ward with or without notice and seeking T.C during the session any time will be charged extra.

For the student withdrawn during the term on any ground the fees paid by him/her will be forfeited. The school reserves the right to send away any student at any time without assigning any reason therefore.The School Leaving Certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- and its duplicate on payment of Rs. 100/- per copy. The school has the right to withheld the Leaving and other certificates and result sheets for as long as all school dues have not been paid in full by the parent/guardian concerned.

Fees deposited will be forfeited if the ward is issued Transfer Certificate during any time of the session on any of the following grounds:-

1. Negligence : Despite several reminders & regular progress report sent to parent/guardian, he/she does not co-operate and give time to ward at home for improvement.
2. Misbehavior : The misbehavior by the parent/guardian or any relative of the ward to any member of the staff.

Caution Money

Caution money is not applicable.

Principal's Meeting Hours

To avoid inconvenience, you are requested to strictly adhere to the above timing for meeting the Principal. You are also requested to enquire about the Principal's presence in the school on phone before coming to school so as to avoid any inconvenience to you.